All About Android Device Manager APP
Android operating system is considered a plus in this tech era since it provides lots of functions in one device to its users across the globe.
Whenever Android releases a new version, all of its users are always eager to find new amazing functions to explore and enjoy. Now, put that aside, its host Google has a new feature for you that you need to know of and even explore how it works! Whatever is in stock for you is Android Device Manager! In this article, we are going to list some of the pillar questions that will ensure you understand and even how it works! With that said, let’s plunge in and discuss!
Important Questions about Android Device Manager
For you to understand much about it, you need to go through questions that touch on it ranging from the most basic up to those that are considered complex.
There are several questions that Android users always demand answers that are related to it from what it is and even how it works!
Below are some of the questions that range from most basic up to those that are considered to be complex: What does the Android device app do?
It performs many tasks. They are not limited to:
· Finding your lost Android Device · Locking, ringing and even wiping your data that is stored in the device – where you need to be very careful when making decisions. · Wipe data off your lost device that you have very little hope of recovering. · Aid your friends in tracking and even controlling his or her lost Android phone.
How to Use Android Device Manager (Find My Device)
Just like listed above, you can use it to perform lots of operations. We are going to elaborate in detail on how to perform some of the listed operations in the previous section of this article. They will all be in question form as follows.
Can I unlock my phone alone?
Well, many people have always asked how they can unlock their recovered phones that were either misplaced or lost and they ended up forgetting their passwords or pins. Firstly, you need to ensure that your phone is indeed locked.
For you to validate whether it is or not locked, you simply need to insert your SIM card of another network in your phone. When the device is indeed locked, you will then see a message on the home screen confirming that it’s locked.
The easiest and fastest is calling your provider and asking them for your Network Unlock Code (NUC). Doing so will simply save you from using lots of your energy trying other difficult alternatives.
How do I unlock my Android phone with Google?
Unlocking your locked device through Google is easier since all that you need to do is to insert your Google account and its password. Doing so will have your device unlocked without going through difficult alternatives.
When it happens that you don’t remember the password or pattern, you simply need to opt to use your email and password to unlock the phone. Click on the forgot password on the screen and insert your email and password to unlock the phone.
How do I enable a device?
Have you ever thought of how you can disable or enable your lost or recovered phone through the Device Manager? It’s easy, and you only need to follow the steps detailed below: · Click on the Start button and then choose the Control Panel · From the Control Panel, find and choose Hardware and Sound · From there, find Devices and Printers and then choose the Device Manager · From the Device Manager window, find and double click the icon belonging to the device that you want to enable
How do you find your phone when it’s switched off?
These are some of the steps that you need to follow carefully whenever you want to find a switched off phone:
· Locate the Find My Device · Login using the Google account related to the phone · When it happens that you have many phones, you can choose the specific one from the menu on the top of the screen · Choose on the “Secure Device” · You can also enter a message and even a phone number that someone may see and call whenever they have your lost device.
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